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The HackHouse team is a keen participant at many conferences globally, running workshops and training courses for many conferences and participating in even more.

A short list of conferences we've helped run workshops, talks or training for include:

The HackHouse team also provides security awareness training through workshops and short classes for organisations across a broad spectrum of industries. Participants who are not regularly exposed to the world of security are often surprised to find how easy it is to pick locks and this fosters insightful discussions about the perception of security within an organisational context.

If you organise a conference, event or are interested in having us come and present, we are happy to discuss the details further with you. Please contact us via email.

Finally, HackHouse also runs a bespoke conference, OzSecCon which focuses on all areas of physical security, both digital and analog. This conference aims to bring together security researchers from around the world to present cutting edge research, while also allowing participants the ability to learn in a hands-on manner through a selection of workshops and professional training courses offered during the event.

Details about the conference can be viewed at www.ozseccon.com